kai Geoff Bergman
Minnesota, USA
first of this is a pretty random blog that varies by my ever changing mood.
that aside I have a few different mental issues so I use this site to vent a lot.knowing that a lot of people are in the same boat I want everyone who needs help to feel free to come to me I never judge and I never ask for name or gender it doesn't matter to me everyone deserves the same help!
KIK: geoff013
if you want to talk more privately feel free to message me on my KIK^^ I also use it for submissions or people just bored,lonely or just want a random person to message to send funny pictures and random insults!
I'm almost always awake so Dont be shy to message me anytime day or night no matter the timezone if people need me them I'm there for them no matter what!
much love followers to hear from you all at somepoint! and submissions of any kind are always welcome!
much love!

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Francesca’s chest

I love my boobs

Wow you’re perfect!!

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